WELCOME!…Thank you so much for taking time out to stop by .

My name is Colleen and the purpose of this blog is to share my life with you all. Four years ago I became a resident of the great state of Virginia. Originally from Alabama a.k.a. the deep south, my journey to Virginia is quite a long story but a good one. After graduating from college I moved out to Kelly, WY to work on a ranch for the summer. I instantly fell in love with the Teton Mountains, the ranch, Wyoming, and most importantly my boyfriend Thomas. Thomas was born and raised in Virginia and at the time went to school in Virginia.  At the end of the summer some decisions had to be made and I took the leap and moved to Virginia. Having only been to the state maybe twice in my life I had no idea what to expect but what I found when I got there was great! I have now been in Virginia as I said for three years and absolutely love it. Here is my life in a wonderful little place called Richmond, Virginia.

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