Footstool Refresh

I found this bargain of a footstool at Target for only $20 bucks last year during their back to school specials.


I loved the price and the fact that you can open the lid for more storage but I wasn’t crazy about the color.  Thankfully for me the footstool frame is made of wood and made it easy to reupholster.

I bought this fabric a while back in bulk at an awesome price and decided to use it for this project.


I also like that the fabric color and pattern aren’t too crazy looking and therefore would look good with any decor.

Tools I used to complete this project includes:

-3 yards of fabric

-Staple gun

-Fabric scissors

I am not one to do pre-work before I start a project and kind of fly by the seat of my pants when doing a project.  (Patience is not my strong suit.)  So, I measured the fabric I would need by placing the fabric on each side and stapling the fabric on the top and then the bottom of the foot stool.


A piece of advice to make this project go more smoothly would be to make sure your fabric is taunt before you staple it into the footstool.  This will make for an easier and more enjoyable project.


Top view of the footstool with the lid off.  I stapled the fabric inside the footstool so you wouldn’t be able to see the staples on the outside.


Bottom view of the footstool.  I just followed the wooden frame that surrounded the footstool and stapled fabric to it.  I had a lot of fabric that overlapped on the bottom and once I was done stapling I cut away the excess with my fabric scissors.

Once I completed the main part of the footstool I started on the top.


Again, I didn’t do any pre-work before starting this project so I again just laid out the fabric and cut away the fabric I didn’t need.


I began stapling fabric on one side and keeping the other sides of fabric taunt.  I did this until all sides were stapled down.


Again, I had a lot of fabric that hung off the ends so I just cut away the fabric that wasn’t needed.  And that’s it!


Overall I am really happy with the way this project turned out.  It was easy and it cost very little to complete.

This was a less expensive way to get the footstool I have been looking for.




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