“The Lord gave and the Lord hath taken away” – Jobs 1:21

Good Morning Friends,

I don’t often talk about my faith on the blog but today I thought I would share somethings that have been heavy on my heart.  I am a true believer that God has a purpose for us all.  He gave us all life and he can take it away just like that.  I find myself getting bogged down with the daily chores of life and don’t stop to look at all the beauty that the Lord has given me.  I am truly thankful of all that I have in my life but I find myself wanting more.  I went shopping with a friend yesterday and it got me thinking about all that materialist things that I have in my life and all the things that I want.  But all of those things doesn’t matter in the end.  All that you leave this earth with is yourself, nothing else matters but the life that you have lived and the soul you have kept.

Another thing that has been bearing down on me is this the concept of time and the time you must wait to achieve certain life goals.  I must wait to get a dog.  I must wait to get a house. I must wait…

I know this might be selfish but I am tired of waiting.  I want to experience everything that life has to offer and as it is good to have goals and achieve these goals, somethings just shouldn’t have to wait on any longer, they should happen!  I feel like I am waiting to live my life but in reality I should be living it right now.  It’s good to have goals but I sometimes get too focused on them and forget to live for today.

So I charge you all to live for today and not live for the future.  Today is precious and even though it is a Monday and in the middle of winter it is something to be celebrated.

I leave you with this…



xoxo, C


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