Puppies on the Brain

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted my own dog.  I love the thought of coming home after a long day and having a tail wagging pup waiting for me at the door.  I have been level headed about not getting a dog until I am well and able to pay for a dog and bring up a dog in the right environment.  I am not sold on getting a puppy from a breeder or a puppy for the SPCA either.  I have always leaned towards the dogs that are 1 or 2 years old.  By this age they are usually phasing out of that puppy phase and don’t usually treat your house as their personal bathroom.  Their is something about skipping that puppy phase that has always appealed to me.  Don’t get me wrong, those whittle bitty puppies are adorable, in theory, and they have the softest fur and little puppy breath.  But lets be honest I want a dog not a child that doesn’t wear a diaper and therefore pees everywhere and bites you.  I ultimately would like to be living with someone when I do get a dog.  Being able to tag team the responsibilities of a dog would help immensely rather then having to worry about coming home right after work everyday because your little pup needs to go out.

Why I share this information with you all is because I had the pleasure of puppy sitting on Friday night and though it was fun, it was a lot of work as well.  Yes, puppies generally sleep the majority of the time but they still need to go outside, be feed three times a day, go through training drills everyday, etc.  Friday night was a eye opening experience for me and a good lesson at that.  I clearly won’t be getting a puppy/dog until I know I am well up to the task.  I also need to work on not depending on 8 + hours of sleep every night because that will all go away once I get a puppy or a dog.


It sure is hard to resist that sweet puppy face though!

All for now.




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