A. Very. Long. Week.

Hello Friends,

It has been a very long and stressful week.  I have officially moved into my new place and it is currently looking a little like this…


Yikes!, I know.  But it is coming along gradually.  I have so much space in this room, I am just not sure where everything will go.

Tuesday was the day for moving big things like my mattress and what not.  I enlisted help with this task and it took a good 45 minutes to get my mattress up the stairs.  They eventually had to fold the mattress like a taco and push it up the stairs but it’s up there and I am a happy camper.

I think I lost about a 1,000 calories moving everything on Tuesday and Wednesday.  My legs and feet were killing me after each day.  But it’s all done, so I am happy.

I took the plunge on Saturday and got my hair cut off!


Not a great picture but you can see how short it is now.

Sunday, I spent some of the day in a friends garden picking veggies.


There’s something about being outside and picking veggies that’s just good for the soul.  I can’t wait to start my own garden.

Despite being up to my eyeballs with to-do lists and my room looking like a wreck I am headed to the Outer Banks for the weekend.  These invitations don’t come around very often and I definitely need to take advantage of them when they do.



Have a great weekend friends!

xoxo, C


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