Betcha Didn’t Know…

Hey Kids,

In an attempt to reach out more to all of you in the blog world I have been thinking of ways to tell y’all more about me.  So this post is a few fun facts about me that I betcha didn’t know.

1.) I wear glasses

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Yep, you heard right.  I wear glasses but you will never see a picture of me in them because I only wear them for reading and using the computer.


2.) I have a fear of water

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The picture above pretty much sums up my fear of water.  My fear is not limited to just the ocean it’s pretty much any body of water.  Lake, river, pool, water towers (not that I have been in one)…you name it I don’t like it.  In a weird way I have thought about this fear for a while and I have come to the conclusion that my fear of water is a combination of almost drowning when I was five and watching too many movies involving scary things getting you in a body of water.

Now to clarify I do still swim in water.  Swimming pools are better than bodies of water where the water isn’t clear, like lakes and rivers.  But when I do swim, someone has to be in the water too and I will swim in the lake or ocean but I don’t like it, like at all.  I would prefer to see my prey coming before it eats me whole.  As you can image I haven’t seen Jaws 1, 2, 3, or 4. 


3. My nickname in college was squirrel

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They might look cute and cuddly but these things are vicious and nasty. 

Ok let me back up and tell y’all the story.  Freshman year in college I was on a nice run through a neighborhood near my school.  Just minding my own business when a squirrel comes out to cross the road in front of me right as a car is passing me as well.  The squirrel is now between me and the car and the squirrel freaks out jumps in my direction and on to my leg.  He then proceeded to dig it’s claws into my knee and then just run away.  It’s ridiculous I know.  Why didn’t I just move, I have no clue but the fact is that the squirrel ran up my leg and scratched up me knee.  So I ended up going to the emergency room because I was uncertain if squirrels carry rabies.  Come to find out that they don’t and I left the hospital with a few band aids and the E. R. nurses laughing at me.  So once I got back to campus everyone pretty much knew I got attacked by a squirrel.  It was a small school so it wasn’t hard to find out.  So the name just kind of stuck from then on out.


4.) I hate horseradish

Your probably thinking this isn’t a huge deal but there is a story behind it.  The first date I ever went on in high school was to Outback Steakhouse.  We sat down ordered our food, everything was going good.  We get our meal’s and my date asks if I have ever had horseradish before.  I tell him no and he asks if I want to try any.  I say no im good but he keeps at it and insists that I try this horseradish stuff.  So I give in and try some.  Did not expect for it to pretty much take out my sinus’ and burn every taste bud off my tongue.  I run to the bathroom as my date and half the wait staff are laughing at me. 

I am all about a good practical joke and was a good sport about it at the time but I can’t really remember ever going on another date with him after that, hmmm I wonder why.  So since that day I won’t touch the stuff.


So there are few facts about me that I betcha didn’t know.  When I think of other fun facts about myself I will post them up.

All for now.




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