Spy Rock and Thanksgiving Recap

Howdy Blog Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I had a wonderful Thanksgiving stuffing my face with all things bad for me and not thinking twice about it.  Ok maybe I did think twice about it but whatever, it’s the holidays.

I want to back up to October and tell y’all about a fun activity T and I did when we went to Lexington, Va for the weekend.

We hiked Spy Rock.

Spy Rock

It’s a little bit outside of Lexington.  It was beautiful but brutal to walk up.  The trail was all up hill, no switchbacks, which makes a hike very unpleasant.  I was a trooper though and tried not to complain too much.  It was worth it though when we got to the top.


Spy Rock 2

Sorry for the grainy pictures, they were taken with my phone.

T on spy rock

T mid chew.  I know he will appreciate me posting this of him.  Hehe.

T and I on Spy Rock

Had to get a couples photo in there even if my neck looks weirdly long and I am wearing no makeup.  Just got to go with the flow!

It took us about an hour to climb the mountain but it only took us 15 mins. to get down it.  Seriously.  But I felt awesome afterwards from breathing in all that mountain air!

Ok moving on to Thanksgiving.

What was interesting about this Thanksgiving was I got a lot of questions asking if T would be with me on Thanksgiving.

Well no…

He has his family and I have mine.  And when I finally got home to AL my Mom said a lot of people asked her if T would be with me on Thanksgiving. 

I really thought that this was an odd question because I have never spent a Thanksgiving or Christmas apart from my parents.  Not my family, my parents.   I couldn’t imagine spending a holiday without them but I have a feeling in the future that I wont be spending every holiday with them. 

It was an odd question to me at first but now thinking on it, it really isn’t and one day I will have to face the music and pick where my holidays will be spent.  Makes me said but excited for the road ahead.

Anywyays, sorry for the tangent, I just wanted to share that.

Here is my Thanksgiving summed up in pictures I took.


Sweet little Oliver being good.

thanksgiving- charlie

Charlie being mischievous as usual.  He is such a lap dog.  He has to be with you all the time!  But he is precious!

pumpkin pie

Yum Yum!  Pumpkin Pie!

alcholic beverages

Helped Mom and Dad put their kitchen back together after the remodel.  Didn’t realize they had so much booze!

dove choc.

I can not escape these delicious little morsels.  T and his family love them and always have some in their house.  It looks like my parents love them too!

herb garden

Helped mama spruce up her herb garden.  Aren’t those garden signs adorable!  I found them tucked away in a box of my grandma’s things.

j. crew belts

Shopping was most definitely involved over Thanksgiving.  Loving this belt by J. Crew.

bow sweater

And this bow sweater by J. Crew as well.  Adorable!!!


Of course Thanksgiving could not be complete without some football watching!

Go Irish!

The week went by fast but we packed in a lot of stuff. 

Definitely recommend you all go see the new James Bond movie, Skyfall.  It was excellent.  Of course I am a sucker for a bond movie!

All for now, be back sooner rather then later.

xoxo, C


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