Happy Fall Y’all!

The apartment is all decorated for Fall/ Halloween, except it doesn’t feel like fall right now because it’s suppose to be a high if 80 degrees today.  Lame!

But that doesn’t stop me from doing fall things like going to the pumpkin patch or drinking hot cider.

Before I divulge all of my fall decorations to you all I want to first say that I love my decorations be mult-functional and transition into each season.   There are a few decorations that I have put up that are truly Halloween but there are also a few that are fallish and can be used both for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

(Also not all of the decorations are mine, but placed them where I thought they looked good.) 

So with all that said…here we go!

I used burlap as the table-cloth to give the table great texture and to give it an earthy/ fall feel.

I used the gourds and fake leaves to bring some color to this set up.  I love all the beautiful colors and sticking the willow branches in there with them gives it an earthy/ fallish look.


Grabbed this owl plate at Hobby Lobby for $7.00 plus 20% off.  And I found these adorable stick pumpkins in the dollar section at Target.  They were actually $2.50 each but still a very good deal.

Moving on to the mantle.

Sorry for the picture quality.  The cute spiders kind of blend in with the black web.  They were each $2.50 at Target along with the cute orange pumpkin in the middle for a $1.00 at Target.  I sure do love a bargain!  The black web is my roommates and I just placed over the mantle to give that spooky effect.

Here is a better shot of the little guys!  Aren’t they adorable!  The skulls are there year round but I think they really play into the whole Halloween/ spooky vibe!

On to the front entrance.



Here is a shot of the front entrance when you are descending the stairs.

The spiders and the ghost are my roommates and I think they are just adorable for the front entrance. 


I painted the baby pumpkins bright fall colors to make them pop in this area. 

I am no artist but I did my best.

Here are a few shots of my masterpieces in the making.


Pumpkins before they were attacked with paint.

Supplies collected and ready!

First coat of paint on.  These suckers were hard to paint on.  Many coats of paint were added to cover up their orange.

Bottom sides are getting a fresh coat of paint.

Spots and stripes go on and all they need to do is to dry and they are done!

So there is my Halloween and Fall Decor.  I hope you all have decorated for the season and are doing fun things to get in the fall spirit.

xoxo, C


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