Starstruck…Well Kind of

Hey Y’all!  Happy Friday!

No one is happier than me that it’s FRIDAY!  I need my weekends.

So I can’t believe it slipped my mind to tell y’all about this but I ran into a celeb…like 2 months ago.

He’s not an “A-list” celeb. but I think he’s done some pretty good stuff.

It was this guy.

Pinned Image

(For source click on picture)

Edward Hermann

Does he look familiar to some of you…

Well that’s because he is most known for playing the grandfather in Gilmore Girls!

So let me back up and tell you the whole story.

In August T and I went to AL for a wedding.  We were boarding our flight that morning in Richmond to go to the deep south and there sitting in first class was Edward Hermann.  I did a double take because I couldn’t believe my eyes.  And then I got a wave of cold sweats and sticky palms because I knew he was someone famous. 

I calmly found my seat, in coach, and whipped out my phone to look him up.  I was certain it was him but I wanted to make sure.  Sure enough there he was in IMDB.  It took everything out of me not to fly out of my seat with excitement. 

I turned to T and told him that there is a celebrity on the plane and showed him on my phone who he is.  He was not as enthusiastic as I was about my celebrity siting.

Best thing about my celeb siting is that he looked exactly as I would picture him.  He was wearing a polo with a sweater tied around his shoulders, clean-shaven, and drinking something pretty.  Totally how he looks in the roles he plays. 

So there you have it, my celeb siting.  Kind of anti-climatic but hey it’s not everyday you run into a A-List B-List (maybe C-List) celeb.

All for now, have a great weekend.

xoxo, C


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