The Wonders of Spray Paint

Hi Blog Buddies,

I want to fill you in on my latest and greatest projects that I recently finished. 

I would like to introduce you to Mr. Chinese Dragon.

I found him at Target a while back for $6 and he was such a good deal I couldn’t leave him behind.  So I scopped him up and stored him until I knew what I wanted to do with him. 

My next little project involved finding a home for this guy.

I found this little succulent in D.C. at the outdoor market.

I searched high and low for a perfect little vase for him to call home but nothing really stuck out to me.  So I just got a dollar vase and a dollar trivet and gave them a makeover.

It’s now time to prep these puppies with some primer.


Oh primer I love you. You can cover just about any surface and are so easy to use.

  You can see the chinese dragon in the background is up first to get primed.

Once I primed the top part of each I turned them upside down and did the other sides.  With ample time in between to let the primer dry.

After the primer has dried I went ahead and added my white spray paint.  Not much of a difference to look at because the primer is also white, but the result was shiny and clean. 

I could have stopped there but I wasn’t liking my white vase for my Succulent.  It just felt like it was missing something.  I put the project to the side for a day or so to think of what I could do to make this vase pop but not be too crazy looking.  Then it finally hit me on way home one day from work, color blocking.

So I began taping off the areas on my vase I wanted to stay white.

And for my other color I choose…gold!

I know it’s a bold color choice but I have seen a lot of decor accent pieces lately that are gold.  I use to think gold looked cheap and dated but it’s kind of growing on me now. 

So I gave my vase a few coats of gold paint and…


My little succulent is beaming in his new little vase and on top of that he gets to ride shot gun with the hooty.  It’s a match made in heaven!

And I can’t forget Mr. Chinese Dragon…


He is so handsome holding up those books.

This is his good side and in the lamp light no less.

So there you have it.  My spray paint makeovers.

These two projects have kickstarted my spraypaint craze and my love for ceramic animals.  I have been coming up with lots more projects that involve spray paint and I can’t wait to get started on them. 

Thanks for stopping by.

xoxo, C


One thought on “The Wonders of Spray Paint

  1. Spray paint’s one of my favorite things in life! love how the dragon turned out, looks brand new. You’ve inspired me to go to the thrift store and find some cool stuff to paint 🙂

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