A Little Bit of DIYing

Hey Blog Buddies,

Even though I have not been sharing a lot of DIY projects on the ole blog recently doesn’t mean I haven’t been cranking them out. 

Here are few completed projects I have done and some that are in the works.

I added this bad boy to the kitchen a month or so ago.  

I got it off Craigslist on a whim.  Wasn’t even looking for a chalkboard and found it listed for a good price of $25. 

It had a blueish teal color on it and I wanted to jazz it up so I put a fresh coat of pink on it.

(I was a bad blogger and didn’t take pictures of the before and afters..sorry!)

I haven’t mastered spray painting yet.  You would think it would be really easy but it’s harder than it looks.  multiple light coats are recommend rather than one heavy coat.  So you are constantly moving your spray paint around and trying not to get one are thicker then the other.

Also when spray painting outside you want to be careful of the spray paint fumes.  This chalkboard was where I learned my lesson on that.  It’s not like actual paint where it stays exactly where you put it. Spray paint gets everywhere.  As you can see in the picture above that the black is more black in some places than others.  Yeah that would be because of me.  I only taped off the edges of the chalkboard instead of the entire chalkboard.  Well you can imagine when I started spray painting the fumes went everywhere and left a nice layer of pink dust on the uncovered area. 

Lesson learned!

But easy to fix, I will just paint the chalkboard with some leftover chalkboard paint I have.

Maybe one day I will master spray painting.

Oh and the chalkboard artwork was done by T.  He was very proud of himself.

This isn’t really a DIY project per se but these guys aren’t going to plant themselves.   I picked up some lettuce, arugula and rosemary when I went to D.C . a few weeks ago. 

They haven’t been in the their pots for more than a week and some little animal has already gotten into them.  Popped one lettuce section right out of the ground. 

Oh well, I hope he enjoyed it.  I am going to have to come up with kind of chicken wire lettuce protector this weekend. 

I will keep you updated!


Here is my lettuce oh so happy to be added with my mint and basil.



And then my rosemary and arugula are nestled nicely next to my pre-existing parsley.

These guys were more victims of a spray painter in training. 

Just a little sneak peek, more to come on these soon!

xoxo, C


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