So Much To Say = Randomness All in One Post

Hey Folks,

So much has been going on I don’t even know were to start. 

First off I am missing this face!


Isn’t he a cutie puttie!  I had serious thoughts of bringing him back to VA with me.  Such a love bug and a cuddler.  This is Charlie, my parents dog.  My parents think he is a handful and I do agree with them but I think he just needs a lot more attention and love!

I don’t have any pictures per se of the renovation project going on over in AL but my Dad did send me this picture of day two of construction.

Umm WOW was my reaction when I saw this picture.  This is only day dos of construction and I was blown away by all they had ripped out.  Mind you this use to be a fully furnished, 80’s paneling clad home but not anymore.  For a frame of reference you are standing in the living room looking at the living room into the kitchen.


Been spending lots of time at the river and doing some little apt projects. One project I have being working but isn’t for the apt. is this…


Isn’t insanely good!  I helped a little but this was all made possible by T’s brother Taylor.  He is so talented! 

Just have to finish up the other corn hole and put a sealer on both and we can call this project DONE!

I have been watching a ton of this!

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


I have been giving T a run down on the rules and how to play since I use to play volleyball back in the day.  It’s hilarious to see his reaction when someone goes up to spike the ball or makes a dig at the ball. 

Yeah man I use to be cool back in the day.

So sad the Olympics are almost over…seems like they just started!

 I will be heading to AL this weekend with T to attend a sorority sisters wedding.  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  Some of the people who are going to be there I haven’t seen in years. 

T is ecstatic to be going and meet all these new people.

I will let you know how it goes…

Pumped about this starting up again on Aug. 30th!!!

Pinned Image


Roll Tide and Go Irish!

In addition to football I have been thinking a lot about Fall.  I know summer is still in full swing but I just can’t wait to make these…

Pinned Image

Yarn Balls

Pinned Image

Twine Balls

Pinned Image

Pumpkin Muffins

Pinned Image

Pumpkin Spice Donuts…Yummy!!!

Pinned Image

Crazy Cozy Sweaters

Umm Fall!!!

Have a Great Wednesday!

xoxo, C


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