Turkey Strawberry Panini w/ Brie and Fresh Basil

So I haven’t shared a recipe post with you all in a while because let’s get real, cooking just isn’t my favorite thing in the world. And it means that I have to go to the grocery store and spend money on food that I would I really rather spend on something else.  But the mood struck me to make something tasty so I went for it.

Moving on, this recipe was super fun and incredibly simple to make.

I found the recipe on Pinterest, where I spend the majority of my day pinning things, and I came across this beautiful picture of this panini.

What you will need to make this creation:

-French style bread



-Raspberry Jam

-Fresh Basil

-Fresh Strawberries

-One jalapeno (didn’t use this in my version of the recipe)


When you have gathered all of your ingredients then take one slice of bread (this is will be your bottom piece) and layer ingredients to bottom slice as follows; brie, turkey, basil, strawberries, and then jam. Put a slice of bread on top and put a little bit of butter on the panini press so your bread doesn’t stick.  Then stick it on the panini press.  I didn’t set a timer so I am not sure how long I cooked these for.  I just watched them and once the brie had started to melt I knew they must be done.

Nom nom, delicious!

For a copy of the full recipe go here.

This is a refreshing panini for a hot summer day.  The combination of all the different flavors is really amazing, like nothing I have ever had before.


xoxo, C


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