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No, not me!  I am not moving my parents are moving.  Well moving out 30 years of stuff to remodel their house moving out.

Tomorrow I fly to Alabama to help clean out my parents house so their house can get a huge over haul.  This has been a needed thing for years but they are now just committing.

It all started with a dream of a kitchen redo as phase number one and it turned into pretty much gutting the entire house!

I for one am really excited. Like I said this is long over due and my parents are hard-working people and they deserve to live in a gorgeous space, no excuses.

So we are boxing everything up and moving it on out to the front yard where a huge pod will live for the duration of the remodel. 

My Dad loves to throw things away but my Mom loves to hold onto things so you can imagine how this will play out.  Don’t get me wrong my parents love each other more than anything but moving is never stress-free.  When looking up moving in a dictionary it should read “will cause enormous stress and anguish”. 

This pretty much sums it up…

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The wonderful J. Crew company has it all wrong…

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Here in the real world and not in “J.Crew land” we do not look like this when we are moving.

So you might not hear from me for a couple of days but don’t fear I will be back and of course have all the det.’s on the remodel.  Also some before and after photos and in progress photos once construction is under way.

xoxo, C


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