Hey Guys!

I’m back from my jam-packed weekend in Montreal.  I had a blast!  Montreal is so much fun and the wedding was beautiful!

I just have a few pictures to show y’all right now but when I get more I will be sure to share them with you all.

I just lost it when I saw these in a shop window!  Y’all know from this post that I have been wanting to get my hands these little guys for a while.  I bought an assortment of six different flavors and I can’t wait to try them!

T at an outside restaurant enjoying a refreshing alcoholic beverage on a lovely Friday afternoon.

Notre Dame Cathedral.  Words could not describe how gorgeous the inside of this church is. 

Sun-dried tomato crepe filled with chicken, pesto, and lots of cheese!  Oh yeah it was awesome!

Hands down the best Key Lime Pie I have ever had!  Who would have thought I would find it in Montreal of all places.  Also that’s a Gooseberry on top.  Yep, never seen one of those before.  Learn something new everyday.

After the ceremony and before the reception we had cocktails.  They had this great photo booth set up with different hats, mustaches, and glasses you could put on.  It was a great idea and everyone enjoyed taking pictures.

Alright kiddos that’s all I have for right now but I will be back real soon to share more photos with you all.

Have a great Tuesday!

xoxo, C


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