What I Have Been Up To, Part 2

Hey Kiddos,

Happy Thursday, it’s almost Friday!  Yee-haw!

 Finally here is part 2 of what I have been up to via pictures.

Added some new artwork to my collage wall in my room! I heart VA!

(Sorry for the glare.)

To find your state go here.  The best part is it’s free!!!

Finally received all of my coffee table books I ordered.  My little hootie is so happy sitting right on top.

It makes my day when I walk into my room and see these lovelies!

Finally after 2 years finished T’s little brothers flask!  And perfect timing to give it to him for his 21st birthday!  Happy Birthday Tay Tay!  Yes I needlepoint, have I mentioned to y’all yet?  More projects to come!

You can’t find these bad boys in Virginia so I had to order them online.  The best lollipops in the world!

 Bal du Bois 2012

Had a BLAST and loved wearing my new Lily Pulitzer dress that T bought for me.  Early anniversary gift, what a gent.!

The back of the dress is the best part so follow this link to see it. 

xoxo, C


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