What I Have Been Up To

Hey Kiddos!

As always so sorry for my absence. Been a crazy week!

First and for most I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  Praying for all those who have served our country and are currently serving our country.

I have a cousin that is in the army but thankfully is still in the U.S. and hopefully won’t be deployed.  But on a sadder note my dear neighbors that I have known pretty much all my life are counting their blessings this week.  Their son is serving in the military in the Middle East and his unit was hit with a bomb a few days ago.  Fortunately their son survived with minor injuries but a few people in his unit weren’t so lucky. 

Let us all be thankful for the men and women who fight everyday for our country and freedom. 

My Memorial Day weekend was spent with lots of family time with T’s family.  Swimming, boating, eating my body weight in goodies, attempting to wake board, and just overall enjoying great company.  On Saturday we went to a small island called Tangier Island.  It’s an ity bitty island with a population of a whooping 500 residents.

I took a few pictures of the island for ya.

Here is a shot of the island as we are cruzing up to it.


A small plane coming in for a landing on the island.  Yep, they even have their own airport.


Tangier’s economy is almost solely based on crabbing.  There were thousands of crab pots.


I thought this sign was cute as you are pulling into the dock.


Words to live by via an ice cream shop.  After eating lunch at the Fisherman’s Cafe and then taking a tour of the island via golf cart we had to stop by this adorable ice cream store and get a cone.

If you have never ventured to Tangier Island I definitely recommend you take a trip out there. There are some of the sweetest people who live out there and just all around wholesome good folks.

Tangier is a famous island for many different reasons. The first being that they speak a unique English Restoration-era dialect.  When you listen to the natives speaking you can hear a slight accent in their speech. 

The second thing Tangier Island is well not famous for, it’s more of travesty really but their island is sinking.  Erosion and rising sea levels are swallowing up the island.  So if you want to see this gem you will have to come sooner rather later.

The third thing that Tangier Island is famous for is their own ESPN commercial!

Check out the commercial here.

The commercial is great.  I asked a local if they knew anyone featured in the commercial and she said that her son was featured in it.  She also said that ESPN paid her $150 to use her clothes line in the commercial.  I thought that was pretty cool and you could tell by the sound of her voice and the smile on her face that it was the best surprise ever!

Ok so this turned out to be a really long post so I am going to break it up in a couple of parts. 

How parts you ask?

Only time will tell…

xoxo, C


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