Coffee Table Books and Cocktail Dresses

Hey Kids,

Good Monday Morning to you all!

I hope you all had a wonderful wonderful weekend. I most certainly did and am still not awake this morning. Just hanging out in a fog it feels like or maybe it’s my allergies… Who knows but I need to snap out of it fast.

I haven’t shared this with you all yet but I love love love coffee table books.

Pinned Image


I love their look and how functional they can be.

Pinned Image


But those beauties come at a pretty hefty price.  Therefore I have not invested in any so far.  So I took up my search on Amazon and found some pretty pretty coffee table books for really good prices.

These are a few I just bought.

Pinned Image

Design Sponge at Home


Pinned Image


Kate Spade Etiquette Books

Just a few little finds to start off my collection.  Over time I hope to get more.

Moving on to topic number two, cocktail dresses.  I have a few events/weddings to attend over the summer and in need a new cocktail dress.

I have been on an endless search for the right dress but unfortunately have come up empty-handed.  Everything I find is too plain or boring.  I did a search for some dresses from my favorite designers and found the look I am wanting in a dress.

Pinned Image

Kate Spade- Silk Leeya Dress


Pinned Image

Lily Pulitzer- Eryn Dress


Pinned Image

Kate Spade- Striped Celina Dress

Those are just some a few inspirational looks that I am looking for in a dress!  Aren’t they purtty, I wish I could have all three!


xoxo, C


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