Where oh where to get fashion ideas and tips….

I know y’all think I am the hottest thing since sliced bread…kidding people, just a joke.  But some of you might ask where do I get my inspiration?  Where do I come up with my very clever fashion ideas I will tell you.

First and for most Pinterest. 

Red Pinterest logo
Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aww yes Pinterest, the best thing since sliced bread.  I have wasted numerous hours Pinning random assortment of goodies and it’s also at fault for burning a hole in my pocket.  Money has been spent on many DIY projects thanks to Pinterest. 

A blog that I get lots of fashion inspiration from is actually run and operated by my sorority big sister from college.  She has impeccable taste and can make any style look fabulous. 


She is hilarious and I love stopping by to check out what new outfit she has come up with. 

A few other blogs that I seek inspiration on a regular basis are: 





New blogs that I have added recently to my list of inspiration are:




Check them out.  I guarantee you will be inspired! 

xoxo, C


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