Whirlwind Weekend

I feel like I have been put on overdrive for over a week now.  Everyday presents itself with new adventures and challenges. 

Let me back up and tell y’all the whole story.  Two weeks ago I got bit by something in the middle of the night, I am assuming it was a spider so sorts.  It started out looking like a harmless bug bite.  But as days went on the bump got bigger and bigger.  Until over the span of weekend it doubled in size. So that next Monday morning I went straight to my doctor.  Turns out I had an infection in my arm.  The words lime disease and MRSA were passed around by my doctor  who asked me a thousand questions on how I got the bite and where I was.  Thank goodness it was neither of those two things and nothing a good round of anti-biotic wouldn’t cure. 

So I took my medicine like champ and did fine with it.  Two days after finishing my meds. I break out in a rash on my legs.  I kind of wig out and call my Mom and she wigs out and then I wig out even more.  By the end of the day I am covered in red spots.  I take my butt back to the doctor and find out that I am allergic to my meds.

Just great, I know. 

From this point my week just gets crazier.  After going to the doctor a second time I drive down to Durham to see my T baby, thought I never get there.  I had a good time mending my allergic reaction and hanging out with T.  Turn around on Friday morning and drive back to Richmond re-pack and get on a plane to GA to see my family. 

I’m almost done I promise.

Had a wonderful weekend with my parents and family; catching up, eating my face off, watching the Masters, going to Easter Sunday church, celebrating my Mama’s birthday and celebrating my cousin’s birthday.

On my way to the airport to head back to Richmond I encounter a really bad accident on the interstate and therefore I am stuck in traffic and miss my flight. I also saw a car engulfed in flames a little bit later on the side of the interstate too.  It was a wacky day, especially since it was Easter Sunday.  Thankfully there was a later flight going out and I was able to get on that.  Got into Richmond around 10:30 p.m. and got a few hours of shut-eye before getting up and going to work this morning.

*Sigh* and *Breathe*

This week is shaping up to look pretty busy as well.  I have my first tennis lesson tonight, which I am seriously thinking about skipping and taking a nap instead because my eyes are tired!

On a different note, here are a few glam shots I took over the past week.

Pants-Old Navy; White Tank- H&M; Jacket- Forever 21; Shoes- Old Navy; Necklace- Stella and Dot


Blazer- J.Crew Warehouse sale; Leopard Shirt- Old Navy; Red Pants- Old Navy; Flats- Tory Burch at Saks ; Sunglasses-Ray Ban Aviators (Similar Here)


When I got home late last night, this little beauty was waiting for me…

Stella and Dot Zahara Bib Necklace

The picture doesn’t do it justice this necklace is gorgeous!  I love it!


xoxo, C



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