Hello My Sweets!

I am so so sorry for my lack of blogging, my life since joining Stella & Dot has gone into overdrive!  In a good way of course.   I may complain about being too busy but I secretly love it.  Being bored has to be the worst feeling on the planet and I will take running around like a chicken with its head cut off any day rather than being bored.

OMG I  must share.  I love Iced Coffee with a passion and the company International Delight just came out with the most fantastic pre-mixed iced coffee drink.


Can you say Yumm!  You can find this in the creamer section.  Of course I totally couponed this bad boy and had few cents shaved off, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Definitely a special day today because I got my first Stella & Dot sale today!  I was pumped when I got an email notifying me that an order was placed.  Just adds fuel to the fire and makes being apart of this great company even more better.

Ok so that’s really all I have to report right now.  I know the post is a little shorter than normal but I promise to be back soon with some more goodies!

xoxo, C


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