Oh Martha!

For everyone that has ever lived with me or knows me well, knows I am an organization freak!!!  That’s why I flipped when I found this new organizational line by Martha Stewart exclusively through Staples.

Pinned Image


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Martha petty much rocks my socks off and her fun and bright-colored labels and organizational tools bring a smile to my face!

I know she served sometime for doing some not so nice things and her daughter just came out with a book that pretty much rips on how Martha was such a terrible mother.  But she’s kind of genius in the entrepeneur world. I don’t know her whole background so I say this loosely, but she really is an amazing entrepeneur.

Ok so with this said let me show you my problem areas in my room. 

I got a certain box in the mail yesterday with all my marketing and promotional materials in it and I have no place to store it.

Heres where I am thinking it will end up and in a very fashionable box of course.

Eww, sick!

Totally not cute underneath my bed and in need of a little organization.

Two other problem areas in my room in need of an organization makeover are…

Ahhh! The shoes are everywhere!!! 

 And worst of all I have no idea which shoes are which!

Gross, nasty! 

The attack of the many necklaces that have no rhyme or reason to them.  I have problems finding my jewelry because it makes no sense!

So over the next couple of weeks these three areas are getting an overhaul.  I have a few tricks up my sleeve on how to tackle these spaces and will be keeping y’all in the loop along the way.


xoxo, C


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