Milestone- 100 Posts!

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Woop woop 100 posts!!!

I am so excited to make it to this milestone on the ol’ blog! I can’t wait to make it to 200 posts and see how much the blog has evolved.

Thank you to eveyone that takes time to drop by and see what I have been up to.  I have gotten comments on it and it just makes my heart melt to  know that someone is out there reading this. So thank you!

Ok moving on!  March and April are pretty busy months for this gal.  There are a lot of birthdays in the fam. that I have to plan gifts for and trying to do all that can be expensive. So me and my creative self got well creative and came up with some really cute things to give as presents.

My muse:

I whipped up this little gal back in college because when I went out in search for a travel tote bag stores were charging an arm and a leg for them. So I thought hey this is a simple pattern and I am an ok seamstress, I can do this!

I had some left over fabric from a project I had done earlier and the fabric drawstring came from a present I received. 

Just doing my part to recycle.  I am so earth friendly, can’t you tell!

So carrying on, I travel a lot.  Like a lot a lot. I am gone almost every weekend and that means my suitcases and carrying cases and what not get lots of use.  I have used this little bag I made a lot for my dirty clothes but it could also come in handy for shoes, dedicates and pretty much anything else you can think of.  So I got crackin on everything you need to make these little guys. 

Supplies list:

-Half a yard of your favorite fabric (you will not use all of the fabric) I have never measured how much fabric I use to make this little bag but it’s def. not more than half a yard.  I just wing it.

-Half a yard of plain white fabric.  Needs to be the same size as the above fabric.

-Some type of cord or ribbon for your drawstring.

-No-sew hemming tape


Ok before you get started on making your bag you want to iron out your fabric really well.  I have just discovered the wonderful invention of starch and this step was really fun for me.  I know weird on two different levels, a.) that I have just discovered starch and b.) that I find this activity enjoyable.

Seriously I will find things in my closet that might be semi-wrinkled and iron them just because I can use my starch and get it all nice, flat and crisp!

I’m weird I know but it’s the little things in life that make me smile!

So iron out your fabric’s and if you have starch it makes the process go by a lot faster!

Next you want to line up your two fabrics and cut them to the length you want your bag to be.  I usually just fold my fabric long ways and then just end up cutting on one side.  That way I have less sides to sew or in this case iron on no- sew hemming tape!

You want to turn your bag inside out.  So the white fabric is showing.   You are going to sew this way so you have frayed ends on the inside!

Ok now you want to line up your two fabrics and put a piece of hemming tape in between each and just iron over it.  It really doesn’t take long do this.  Just a few swipes with the iron and your done.

You want to do this on each long side and make sure to put hemming tape between each layer. (Keep room at the top to so you can fold over the material and sew in where the draw string will go.)

Once you have finished on both long sides you want to fold over one side of the material until you see your pretty pattern fabric.  You want to make this fold big enough to be able to put your cord or fabric ribbon through.  You are going to first hem the white fabric to the white fabric of bag body and then hem your two layers together, your white fabric to your pattern fabric.  Flip it over and do this to the other side as well. 

Ok now turn your bag right side in.  You are going to now put your string through the drawstring path you just created.

Trick I learned from my Mom years ago about how to get string or cord through a pocket like this.

Wow a little too close!  Sorry about that.

Fasten a safety pen to the end of your cord and manuever it through the pocket you just made.

Halfway there, almost done!

Once you have brought your cord all the way through both sides you want to bring down your string on each side and have good couple of inches on each.  Cut off extra cord if need be. ( I just left the cord on the spool while snaking it through the fabric and then cut it at the amount I wanted.)  Knot both ends of the cord. 

There she blows!

And here is another shot of her withe strings drawn.

I am in love with this fabric.  I want to use it everywhere!!!  For all you locals I got it at UFab on Robinson St. in the Fan.  $8/yard.

Have I mentioned that I really really like fabric?!  Well I do!

Going into a fabric store and looking and touching all of the different fabrics is therapeutic to me. A little strange I know but I get excited about fabric.

One thing about using the no- sew hemming tape instead of plain sewing is that I couldn’t use it to seal the two parts at the top together.

See the hole in the above picture.  Yeah, I had to sew that baby up! 

Ok kids I must go for now but I have some verrrryyy big news in my next post.  So get excited!


xoxo, C


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