You Work Hard for the Money…

Hey Y’all,

I don’t know about you but I love to save my money and not waste it on something I could have gotten somewhere else a lot cheaper.  I also like to take that saved money and spend it on items in my Wish List on the right hand side of the blog.

 Yes, that’s new.  Just a little collage of things that I have had my eye on for a while. 

Anywoo back to saving money! I am a die-hard couponer.  I love me some coupons!  I find that every cent or dollar saved counts.  Since I am in my mid-twenties and like most people in their mid-twenties they live on a strict budget I have to be clever about cutting spending. 

I love food just like anyone else and we all have to eat but food in my eye shouldn’t come at such a staggering cost.  No that doesnt’ mean I hittin up golden arches for the 99 cent menu that means I buy all my food from the grocery store and I eat out very little. 

I don’t know where all my readers are from but in Virginia I have found the best grocery store that gives you the best bang for your buck is good ol’ Kroger. 

Let me count the ways I save:

1.) Clip coupons: Yep grab that Sunday paper and after you have read the funnies flip on over to those coupons and start clippin!

2.) I have a Kroger bonus card: You are prob. thinking big deal we all have one of those.  But what you may not know is that Kroger has a website and there you can create your own account. By creating your own account you get access to “digital coupons”. You simply go through the coupons and click on the ones you want and then upload them to your card with a click of a button.  New coupons are shown every week. 

3.) You know those newspapers with the grocery’s weekly discounts in it, they are right in the door when you walk in.  Well Kroger has all those ad’s on their website now too.  You simply click on the grocery store you use and it will bring up that week’s specials.  I use to seek out the good deals and combine with the coupons I have collected and get big big savings!

Here is an example of my savings on my last grocery excursion.

This is just the money I saved on my Kroger bonus card.

And this is the grand total I saved using coupons, bonus card and finding the weekly savings.

Yep that’s 30 big ones that I still have in my pocket!

My favorite part about grocery shopping is at checkout.  Once all of my groceries have been rung up and I hand over my bonus card and then my coupons I love seeing the computer going crazy cutting prices of almost all the items I have purchased and then getting my receipt and seeing my total savings.  It’s like Christmas! 

So with that I encourage you all to save your money by taking the extra time to clip those coupons and scout out the products you need before venturing to your local grocery store.  Taking the extra time to do this could really save you lots of dinero!


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