A Little Switcheroo


Soooo in a very recent post I dished about making my own DIY rug and after I put it in my room and looked at it for a while I just wasn’t happy with it. 

It’s a fine rug don’t get me wrong but not right for my room.  Soooo… I bought a new rug.  A rug that passed all the criteria I was looking for.

A.) Affordable

B.) Big enough for the space I wanted it to go

C.) So perrrttyy!

I found this guy over at I heart Organizing blog.  http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com/  Here she features the little beauty in her laundry room and it adds that little pop that the room needs.

And without further a dew I give you my new rug!

Here’s her close up…

It’s colorful and loud and I think it’s a pivotal part that is just what my room needed.

Now don’t fret the rug I made will not go to waste.  I worked long and hard on that bad boy and I know somewhere down the road I will find the perfect spot for it.  But for now it’s purpose is two-fold.

Since the rug I just bought is thin you need to by a rug gripper to go under it to keep it from sliding.  But as my smart boyfriend pointed out all I have to do is place it over the DIY rug and it will keep it in place. 

Brilliant.  A.) perfect storage place for my DIY rug and B.) Don’t have to dish out any dinero for a rug gripper.


You can find this little gal over at Urban Outfitters.  Here’s the direct link.

So what do you think?  I am kind of smitten of her myself.

P.S. I forgot to mention the rug only cost around $60 and since I spent over $50 I got free shipping!!!  Got to love that free shipping!


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