Hey There

I am so sorry about my lack of blogging this week.  My excuse, it’s not a good one but an excuse done the less, is that I have been fighting off a cold. It’s been going around work and I unfortunately became a victim of  it.

But thankfully im on the mend, I hope it doesn’t get worse, and will be back to my regular posting very soon.

Since you all have been so patient with me this week I thought I share a very very big project I finished up recently.

I have talked and talked about making my own rug for my room because

A.) rugs are expensive

B.) even the cheapest rugs are ugly

C.) just didn’t find something worth shelling out the money for

So I opted to make my own rug.

I got inspiration from here:


Check out her blog, she gives a better blow by blow on how to make your own rug. 

And now I would like to present…


There she blows in all of her rug glory!

I am really really excited I was able to see my way through this project.  This is definitely one of the biggest projects I have completed and I just added a boost of confidence to further DIY projects.  No project is too big!

So like I said go on the blog where I got the inspiration for this project and she is a lot better at explaining it then I am.

But basically this is the break down.

Supplies List:

-2 yards of fabric

– 6×9 ft. cloth drop cloth

-5×8 ft. Rug Gripper

-Tacky Spray Glue

– Scotch Guard

Step 1:

Iron your fabric and drop cloth and remove all wrinkles.  Then lay our your drop cloth on a flat surface and lay your fabric on top of that.

Step 2:

Lift up half of your fabric from your drop cloth and start spraying the drop cloth with tacky spray.

Heres a close up of the fabric laying on top of the drop cloth.  I don’t have any shots of me spraying the drop cloth with tacky glue because well I can’t hold a camera and a spray can at the same time.  I was nervous.

Ok so once you have sprayed that area you want to gently smooth the fabric back over the drop cloth.  Making sure to smooth out any bubbles or bumps in between. 

Instead of tacky spraying the entire half of the area I did little sections at a time.  I just sprayed the section closest to me and then started smoothing out the fabric in that area.  Sprayed the next section and then smoothed out the fabric over that area again.  And then so on and so forth.  I did this until that half was finished and then I turned around and did the other half.

I let that dry over night to make sure it was good and dry.  Also I didn’t have my supplies for step 3 yet so that brought the project to a stand still.

Step 3:

Now that the fabric and drop cloth are attached you want to flip the rug over so that the fabric is facing the floor and lay the rug gripper to the drop cloth.

If you go by these true measurements that I laid out here and in the project I went by the drop cloth and the rug gripper are going to be longer then your fabric.  So I had to cut away some drop cloth and rug gripper.  No biggie, normal everyday scissors will take care of that for you.

Step 4:

So in the directions I was following at the above link at this stage she pinned sides together in preparation for sewing.  But I don’t have a sewing machine and my hand sewing isn’t strong enough to keep these thick layers together so I opted to option 2.  I just folded my ends and applied a little tacky spray in between.

In the referenced post I was following for this project she did mention that she was worried that the rug gripper wouldn’t be able to hold the glue because of the holes and I agree it isn’t the best solution but I kind of ran out of options.  So tacky spray away I did!

This is what the rug will look like on the underside once you have glued all the sides up.

I let that dry for a while.

Step 5:

Once you have secured all parts of your rug you want to flip it over.  The last step I find to be one the most crucial is protecting your rug from getting dirty.  I gave my rug two good coats of Scotch Guard just like the directions told me and let it dry. Then stand back and take in your very own rug!


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