Not So Cute and Cuddly

The most peculiar thing happened to me this morning when I was making my morning coffee. In the kitchen there’s this little space between where the counter meets the wall/window and it has random things that sit in there.  Like the hand-held vacuum, a little bag of Lola’s dog food and a basket. 

I was putting my coffee into the coffee maker and I heard this rustling noise near that corner.  All of a sudden the tiniest head pops out!  The smallest mouse I have ever seen is poking his head out of the basket.  I couldn’t believe it, usually mice are skiddish and wont show their faces for anything.  But this little hot-shot had no fear.  He presided to make his way out of the basket and down into a near by corner.

What nerve.  Seriously! 

Umm excuse I live here and you do not. 

It’s not  that it’s a rodent.  I have seen a few rodents in my day.  I use to live in Wyoming in a field where mice were pretty common and if you didn’t see one almost everyday then there was something wrong.  

It’s the fact that he thinks he can own this place.  He isn’t even fazed to be eye to eye with a human.  We literally had a staring contest for 10 to 15 seconds.  I of course won because he knows who calls the shoots, me not him. 

Lets back up even farther than this morning.  This isn’t the first time we have had problems with mice. It seems like ever since we moved in July there have always been mice.  It’s the fact that they wont go away.

We have had Termenix come out and lay traps.  We have put out mice motels that are baited with cheese and the little mouse goes in there and the door closes, you know the humane way of getting rid of them.  And now we are to the old-fashioned ones that are just baited with good ole peanut butter and it snap right on them when they get too close.  I know gruesome but something must be done.

I have always been wanting to get rid of the mice but something went off in my head when I just saw that little sucker staring at me like he owned the place.

I haven’t figured out yet what my plan of attack is going to be but believe me I am going to come up with something good.

Side Note:*I just want to make this clear that I do not live in crappy place.  Yes, it’s not the Ritz’s and yes it was prob. built-in the 1700’s.  Ok maybe not that long ago but it’s pretty dang old.  But it is clean, in fact I just gave it a good cleaning yesterday, and the food is where the food is supposed to be, in the pantry.  Mice unfortunately are a part of life. You can live in the nicest place and still get mice.  It just happens.*

End of side note: that mouse is going down!

Have you ever seen the movie “Mouse Hunt”.  Well basically these two guys try to take down this little mouse that’s ruining their lives.  It’s a cute kids movie. 

But they had this brilliant idea of filling every ounce of floor in the kitchen with mouse traps. 


Of course I wont set up the traps and accidentally box myself into a corner.


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