Not So Mary Sunshine

I am not a morning person.  Like at all… I feel bad for the forsaken person that ever wakes me from my slumber.  Cuz it ain’t pretty. 

This is a pretty much well-known fact in my family that you don’t wake Colleen because you will piss yourself if you do. My parents are probably the only people to this day that can wake me and not get their feelings hurt.  They bite back, they don’t care.  All of the years of waking me up for school has trained them to put up there “Colleen Hater Shield” on before waking me from my slumber and not to take anything I say in my half awaken state to heart.

she's a liar...if blue jays came and tried to wake me up I would swat them with a tennis racquet


This is a better representation of what I look like when I am woken up or when I just wake up…

Watch out!


Scary I know right!

Now to be fair I have gotten a little better at being woken up. If you’re a friend I will go easy on you cuz bless your little heart you don’t know.

But if you know me pretty well and try to wake me, WATCH OUT!

Poor T for example has come into wake me up a few times and I let me guard slip and he gets the angry fiery dragon instead of Colleen.

Do I feel bad?  Absolutely!  I will never forget T’s facial expression after he has seen my morning dragon face.  It makes you want to break down into tears it’s so sad-looking.

I’m working on it I really am and maybe one day I can look like Cinderella when she wakes.  Sing with the blue birds that wake me up instead of wanting to swat at them with the closest object I can find.


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