Wall Art Additions

Hey There,

I have been trying to find new things to add to my wall art ever since I started  it and I have four new additions to share with you all!

You may remember from my previous posts that the wall ended up looking like this:

Well I ended up taking my diploma off the wall and putting it out in the main living area with my other roommates college diploma.  I filled the space with these three pictures:


I love simple reminders that these last two pictures make me think about.  I smile every time I look at them.

I also made this little wall art that has a lot of significance to me.  I got the idea off of Pinterest and it happens to be from the Martha Stewart website.

Pinned Image
Map Artwork (Click on picture to be taken to source)

I decided to create a little map art showing my journey from Alabama to Wyoming and then to Virginia.

I simply went to AAA and got a map of the U.S.  from there I used a needle and yarn and sewed the path that I have taken to get to Virginia.  It took a whole 5 minutes to complete.  I simply cut the map to fit a 8″ x 10″ frame that I already had and Voila!

So easy but holds a significant symbolism to me of where I came from and how I ended up in Virginia.

I actually completed it before T came into town for something and was able to get it up on the wall.  I didn’t have to even point it out to him before he noticed it and no explanation was required, he knew what it meant and was deeply touched.  And in that it made my map art even more special.


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