Epic Weekend!

I had the best weekend.  Yes for most of Saturday and then some into Sunday I was like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get everything ready but besides that it was great!

T got into town on Friday and we hung out that evening. On Saturday I dashed around town to try to find a necklace for my dress for the Richmond Gala that night and came up empty-handed.  Only to my surprise T gave me a little something that came in this bag and box…

No one was more shocked than I was!  I was literally speechless and that doesn’t happen very often. 

This sweet little necklace was in the box…

Before heading to the Richmond Gala Saturday night my roommate and I had a little pre-party at our apartment.  It was lots of fun and great food.

Here’s a picture of T and I before the Gala:

The gala was a ton of fun and met some great new people!

Sunday was nice but still busy because I had to get ready for the party I am having at my house tonight!  Two parties in a row, I know it’s much but they are so much fun! 

I didn’t get to bed until 11 last night because I was putting together some final things.

I wanted to share a little Christmas gift that I gave some of the girls at work.

I found the idea for this sweet little gift over at the Coton Color Blog and it’s also where I found the cute little tags “Just Add Milk…”.

Here is how I made them:

I made some yummy chocolate chunk cookies.  ( I have shared this recipe with you all before.  To find it go to the page that says recipes.) 

Got some cute Christmas mugs at the Dollar Store no less!

Small plastic christmas bags at Target in the dollar section!

Since I forgot that the majority of the cookies I was making were for this project I made some of the cookies a little too big to fit in the mug.  So what I did was but the plastic bag in the coffee cup first and then slid the cookies in sideways.

Umm Yummy!

Like I said I got my inspiration for these inexpensive treats over at the Coton Colors blog.   They also have a pdf  of the tags for you to print off.  If you are interested in seeing this click on this link: http://www.coton-colorsblog.com/2011/11/just-add-milk

I can’t get enough of them!  They are so cute and best of all so inexpensive for a gal like me on a budget!

Ok so I will be back real soon with a couple of recipe’s, some holiday decorating and some gift wrapping!




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