Old Navified

We need to have a serious conversation about Old Navy online.  First you need to know this little tid bit about me.  I may have already told you this but oh well you are going to hear it again.  I am a clothes stalker.  I am like a lion waiting for the opportune moment to pounce on its prey.  And the way I can do that is online shopping.  I stalk out a potential target and watch for it to go down in price or I go to another store that has it cheaper.  Either way I get my target.

I very rarely go out shopping blindly for clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc.  I am the product of my two engineering parents and have to research everything before leaving the house.  If there is something that I really want you bet I am going to find it at the store with the best price and read every rating that has been ever written about it.

Ok, so with that said let’s get back to Old Navy online.  I personally try to avoid the Old Navy stores because they are usually picked over really good and they are a hot mess.  And also the online store offers more than they do actually in the store.  I usually give Old Navy online a once over every month just to see what new stuff they have and most of the time come out empty-handed.  But some months Old Navy just hits one out the park and before you know it I have hit that submit button.

This month Old Navy has really hit one out of the park.  Look at what I found (to go straight to the link click on the pictures):

Women’s Sueded Desert Wedges


 Women’s Calf Boots

Women’s Sweater-Knit Ponchos

Women’s Collarless Wool-Blend Coats


Woman’s Popcorn- Knit Sweater Coats


Women’s Chambray Shirts


Women’s Color-Blocked Charmeuse Dresses


Women’s Cropped Cardigans

Well hello Old Navy!  Where have you been hiding all this time?!

But I have to say this dress is my favorite find out of everything.

Women’s Satin Dresses

Can’t you see this sweet little dress with black hose, black shoes, and a chunky necklace!

I already picked out two necklaces I like:

Set in Stone Necklace in Black

Set in Stone Necklace in Black @ Francesca’s


kate spade new york 'crystal kaleidoscope' double row necklace

kate spade new york ‘crystal kaleidoscope’ double row necklace @ Norstrom’s

Which one do you like better?

Happy Friday!


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