It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Blah…I am going to be a Scrooge today and say I am not feeling the holiday spirit.  The next week and a half I will be studying my butt off and there aint nothing jolly about that. And on top of that I am broke broke broke…so the christmas present giving situation is looking a little bit iffy this year.  Dollar Tree Presents this year anyone?!

On a lighter note I wanted to share some of my all time favorite movies to watch during the holidays.  Once hell week is over, I mean once finals are done I will be sitting in my apartment sipping Bailey’s hot cocoa and enjoying the Christmas bliss.

On with the list!

1.) Home Alone

Pinned Image
Home Alone-

Hands down the best holiday movie EVER!  And I am not talking about the Home Alone remakes, if it doesn’t have Macauley Culkin in it I ain’t watching it. 

2. Elf

Pinned Image

This movie is just a given. Everyone loves the movie Elf and I for one yearn for the time of year when it comes on USA and just keeps repeating over and over again!  Aww perfection!

3. Love Actually

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Love Actually-

If you were hoping this blog wasn’t going to be sappy you came to the wrong place.  I love this movie…..  I don’t think I can say more than that.  I yes I can! The music in this movie is amazing!  When that little girl at the Christmas pageant belts out “All I Want For Christmas” I am up on my feet dancing like I just won the lottery.  My goodness it’s good!  Oh and I also can’t forget the scene of Hugh Grant dancing to “Jump for your Love” I think it’s called.  Cracks me up.

4. Harry Potter Marathon

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Harry Potter -

Sigh…I love these movies. Yes, I might almost be 26 but I love them.  I like the cast grew up with Harry Potter per se.  I remember when the books came out and I think they just released or are going to release the last movie. 

ABC Family had a Harry Potter Marathon on Sunday afternoon and I may or may not have been watching it instead of studying.  If I do bad on my tests I know who to blame.

5. The Holiday

Pinned Image
The Holiday -

What can I say about this movie other than the obvious that it is awesome. On top of a great cast is the great scenery.  I fell in love with little cottage in England and the fabulous house in L.A. all at once.  I somehow want both homes wrapped up into one.

So there are my top 5 holiday movies.  Well actually there are two good Home Alone’s and now I guess 7 Harry Potter Films but you get what I am saying. 

Side note, when I went looking for pictures of the my favorite holiday movies I turned to none other than Pinterest.  They had every last one of these movie posters and some interesting facts were posted in pictures about the movies. 

Is Pinterest the new google?…


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