This is not what I intended to blog about today but I am still distraught by a dream I had two nights ago.  In addition to this dream I have been having some really weird dreams lately. Last night was actually the first night I didn’t dream, thank goodness too because I don’t think I can take anymore bad dreams.

So on to my dream two nights ago….

I had a dream about this little girl.

I know most of you know who this is but for the newbies to my blog let me introduce you.  This is Skipper, she is 5 year old yellow lab and she is my boyfriend T’s family pet.  I absolutely love this dog to death and try to do regular trips to the dog park with her or a trip to my apt. so she can play with my roommates dog Lola.  I have been bad about doing those things recently but the point is that I love spending time with her.  And I am pretty sure the feeling is mutual because everytime she see’s me she goes absolutely nuts!  I would be lying if I said I didn’t love it when she does this but she doesn’t do this for any of T’s family, just me.  I feel really bad and try to deny that it’s just me she gets excited about seeing but I secretly love it.  Who doesn’t want another living thing go nuts when they see you walk in the door?  I sure do. 

Anyways back to my recent dream.  My dream was about her and it wasn’t a good one.  I am not going to go into the details but basically she passes away and somehow my mother ends up telling the reason she dies and then I just loose it.  I just start crying right there on the spot. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if I really did cry while I was sleeping, I was pretty distraught over the whole thing.

So the next morning I wake up and do my morning routine of getting ready for work.  The day is going fine but I seem to in a funk and can’t put a finger on why.  Then a flashback of the dream comes to me and it comes clear to me why I was in a funk. 

Some people say they can’t remember their dreams but just know it was bad, well I remember my dreams but it just takes a few hours and a couple cups of coffee for me remember them.  Ever since then I have had this deep in my gut feeling like something is missing and I don’t like it.  I know it was just a dream but it scared me, a lot! 

I really don’t know what I would do if something happened to that dog.  Words can not describe how much I love her. 

So without getting all mythotical and what not on you all do you think all these dreams mean something?  Or are they just random memories or thoughts put together to form dreams? 

I am truely not one of those people who really cares what dreams mean nor do I go searching for a meaning.  But there is just something about this one that really disturbs me. 

I hope you all are having better dreams then I am. 

On a different note T is coming home today!  Sweet!  That’s the solution for any problem is to get to see his face.  Then tomorrow I get on a plane for Alabama.  I am really excited to see my parents and to be able to chill.  Is chill still a “cool” word to use?  I don’t know but im using it.

Alright one more picture of Skipper for good measure:

And maybe just another one…

Ok I am done with the Skipper pictures but seriously look at that face.  How can you not be in love with that face!

Later Gators!


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