Shoes, shoes and more Shoes!

I have to say that I have a love affair with shoes.  It started at a young age when I received my first pair of red Reebok high tops, those were cool back in the day.  I was also a little bit of a tomboy back then too.  Now I like to think of myself as a happy mix between girly and tomboy. 

Anyways I have built up my collection of shoes since those Reebok high tops and now my closet is over flowing! T is amazed with how many shoes I really have.  He asked one time if I really wear all those shoes and can he help me get rid of some.  I responded back with a little bit of squeal and crackle in my voice, “No.”  To make sure that he doesn’t take matters into his own hands I informed him if he touched one of my shoes then he would be saying bye-bye to some of his fishing or hunting gear. He gave me the dear in the head lights look and backed down on the shoes.  Everyone has their thing and my thing is shoes, T’s thing is fishing and hunting gear.  We have to have it all and don’t know why and don’t force us to get rid of it, umm k!

With that said I wanted to share with you all these sweet little flats I got over at ASOS.

I was completely hooked when I saw that sweet little bow.  I have been looking for some heels or flats with a sweet little bow on the front. 

I wasn’t really sure about the fabric on the flat but once I showed my friend Mandy a picture of them she absolutely recommended I get them. 

A few days later I got an email from her telling me to let her know when I get these shoes in because she was thinking about ordering a pair for herself.

Mackenzie Horan over at Design Darling is the one I should be really thanking for posting about these little gems.  You can check her blog out at: .  She is a true fashionista and has wonderful taste.

If you are interested in these shoes  go here:

Once your their check out the rest of their website, they have some cool things.

Here are two little outfit shots with the shoes on.

Happy Rainy Thursday!


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