Nordstrom Rack

I’m back and here to tell you all on this fine fall day the items I had to have at Nordstrom Rack!  Some how I convinced T into going with me, he has never been before and I found it high time that he be schooled on the ways of bargain shopping at it’s best! Nordstrom Rack really does have some awesome deals and there are always a ton of people when I go there.

So without further adieu….

Micheal Kors Cross Body bag!  I have been looking for a cross body bag for a long time and when I laid my eyes on this beauty I knew it was meant to be.  It’s classy and affordable and made of good materials and no cheap fabric.  It’s a win win!

(Please disregard the mess at the top of the bed.)

This guy I saw first when I walked into the store.  It immediately screamed “wear me on a very cold day in front of a wood burning fire-place!”  T said the exact same thing when I showed him this sweater, so clearly I had to snatch it up.  The price was a little more than I really wanted to spend on it but considering I went through my sweater situation two nights ago and was not pleased with what I found I think this guy was a good “investment”.

I always say something is a good “investment” when it’s out of my price range but justify it to myself that it will get lots of use.  Don’t know if this will be true on everything I buy but well it’s a nice little peep talk I like to give myself when I get to the checkout line. But I think in the case of these two purchases I think they will both get a lot of use!

T didn’t end up buying anything but had a good time looking around.

Alright folks that’s all I have right now but coming very soon I will be blogging about the 30 day challenge and a little craft I did recently, all thanks to Pinterest. 

See ya,



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