A Little Antiquing

Another great weekend for the record books except for Alabama losing to LSU, but that is not a road you want to go down with me just quite yet.  The scars are still very evident and it’s going to take a couple more days or weeks to lick my wounds and get over it.

Any who T and I had a great weekend together and when we were out on our Saturday drive we came across an estate auction.  I got real excited and I could tell T was buzzing with a little excitement as well but I left the choice up to him because the poor thing just went shopping with me.  He thankfully said yes and I swerved to miss a few cars to get over to parking lot of the auction. 

We were walking up to the auction when a lady coming the opposite direction said “this is a real country auction”.  

Well yeah its in the front yard of what I am assuming the deceased person’s home, what do you expect.  apparently it wasn’t what she thought.

For me it was a fanciest auction I have ever been to.  People brought there own chairs and there was even a snack bar on the side.  Hot damn this is my kind of auction!  

T and I looked around and my little DIY wheels just started a turning.  Boy I am glad that T was there with me because I could have stayed there all day.  I try not to torture T too much by taking him shopping with me because I know it’s just not that fun for him and well when the boy isn’t happy I am not happy.  It’s sad but true I want to keep the boy happy.  So I tried to not press my luck at the auction and took as many photos as possible. 

This upholstered chair is awesome! Just give a little facelift with some new fabric and it would look fabulous!  You don’t see chairs like this anymore.  With the button detail on the back.  Love it!

Look at these gorgeous blue dishes.  They had such an intricate design and the crispest blue I had ever seen on a china pattern.  You could tell they were real old but still sparkled blue.

When I came around to this box I knew the person that formally owned them never threw away anything!  But at the same time was amazed at the beauty of these irons.

There was a tonnnnn of furniture.  And all still in very good condition.  But do you see what I see glowing in the sun back there?  Thats correct, a gorgeous sofa and chair with the most beautiful wood work I have ever seen. 

Look at how intricate all that wood work is.  Just blows my mind that someone is that skilled to be able to do something like that.  Let me tell you if I had either (a.) a huge storage room or (b.) was about 40 to 50 years older that sofa and chair would be mine.  They would be in the upholstery store faster than you can say flap jacks.  But no I had to leave these two gems behind for someone else to enjoy them.  They are just a little bit too regal for a person my age but boy are they pretty! When I look back at these chairs I immediately think hot pink! Some hot pink fabric and with that intricate wood work would look awesome!  A little bold on the color I know but I think they could rock that color.

Wow! That’s all I can say is wow!  I really wanted to buy these for T and mount them in his apartment some where or save them for later.  Only someone who fly fishes can appreciate the beauty of these fly rods.   Fly rods are not made of wood any more and they still had there orignal reels attached to them. They were just gorgeous and I am now kind of regretting not making T stay there a little longer so I could win these bad boys for him.

If you are new to the blog let me catch you up on why fishing is significant.  T and I met out in Jackson, WY on a ranch.  He was the maintenance/ fishing guide out there and I did wait staff/housekeeping.  Of course I was immediately attracted to him because he could fish because growing up my parents took me every where to go fly fishing.  It’s one of many things that T and I have in common but is extra special because it reminds us of where we first met and that great summer we spent working on the ranch together. Ok now your all caught up.

Of all the things at the auction this is piece that just blew me away.

This organ was in wonderful condition and beautiful.  I don’t have a thing for organs or anything but just seeing an instrument that is so rarely used these days except for in churches was really cool.  The fact that this was held on to for so long.

So there is a little recap on first trip to an estate auction.  I wouldn’t say it was a success because we didn’t end up buying anything (I guess that could be a good thing though, I know my bank account is happy about that).  But it was definitely cool to see all those old treasures.

 Sneak Peek at the next post:

I will be showing you what I bought before we went to this auction and why not spending money at the auction was a good thing!




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