Been a Bad Two Weeks

Hello Blogger Friends,

It has been a whirlwind of craziness these past two weeks.  Let me give you a little recap.  I had to take in my car to be serviced because there was some kind of recall on a part in my car.  So ok no problem I will just take it in on a Saturday when T is in town, he can pick me up and drop me off when it’s ready.  Call the appointment line this is what I get “Umm Ma’am we don’t do recalls on Saturday’s”. 

Ok well I guess I am going to have to figure out a way to get my car into the shop on a week day without missing copious amounts of time at work.  So I called and made an appointment and worked out a game plan on how I was going to get my vehicle to the shop and how I was going to get home and then vice versa.  So I decide that I am going to drop off my car at the dealership the night before and bike home.  No biggie, I am not a pro-cylist but I can cycle with the best of them.  Besides the fact that the car dealership is on one of the busiest streets in Richmond still did not deter me from accomplishing my mission.

*Mission: Get car into the shop!*

Oh did I mention that it was raining the day I took my car to the shop and then I had to bike home in the rain.  And then from there bike to my class that night?  Yep, I did.  It was kind of adventurous in a way.  Just me and my bike out on my own in the wet dark Richmond night.  I found it very Tour de France esque.  I was peddling and then watching out for cars that were coming and dogging in and out of people in the road.  I was on fire man.  I was truck in it and there was no way anyone was stopping me now.  The rest of the night goes on fine.  Next day I am doing good having a good morning drinking my coffee until 9:00 rolls around, I get a call from the auto shop. 

 “Umm Ms. Cannon we are about done with your vehicle but noticed that you need some routine maintenance done on your car and its going to cost you about $350.” 

Ok sir yes let me go nurture the money tree I have been trying to grow in my back yard and I will get back to you. 

 Are you kidding me $350!  I was fumed but then I remembered that I have never had routine maintenance done on my car before and it has almost 40,000 miles on it.  Went from Alabama to Wyoming then from Wyoming to Virginia and has taken a trip from Virginia to Alabama and back, so I think justifiably it needed some routine maintenance done.

So I gave the repair man a grief striken yes.  NOW I know $350 is chump change to others that well do have an endless amount of money trees and/ or have payed far more to have routine or non-routine maintenance done on their vehicle.  So I could be crying wolf here but to me that’s not just pocket change. 

My absolute worst fear of this whole car “recall” or should I say drying up Colleen’s bank account is that I would not get my car back in a timely manner.  Because I needed it back, I was going down to Durham the next day to see my honey bunny T and there was nothing going to be stopping from going to see.  No way!  Thankfully my faith in man kind was sort of restored when they called me that day and said my car was ready. 

I was broke but happy.

The weekend went great, hung out with my main man T and was very sad to have to leave on Sunday afternoon.

Monday morning I come in and am drinking my coffee and have a can do attitude about life.  Then the phone rings, it’s my Mom and she is calling to tell me that my Great Aunt Mary passed away over night.  As you can imagine the day just goes down hill from there.  Now I wasn’t extremely close to my Aunt Mary but she was the last living relative on my Mothers Fathers side and since my grandfather died before I was born, having this tie with his sister Mary kind of made me feel I was closer to him in a way. 

Her death was very sudden, she would have been 91 on December 16th.  I know this because I sent her birthday cards every year and this is the day my grandmother passed away.  Isn’t weird how some dates can be so symbolic and others are just another day.  Aunt Mary never married and never had any children of her own.  She just recently over the last couple of years moved into an assisted living facility because even though she was in good health for  someone at her age she just wasn’t getting the food nutrients she needed.  So she fought us on the move but ended up loving it.  A few months went by and Mom gets the news letter from the assisted living center and there in the news letter it says that Aunt Mary is the Wii bowling champion!  Who would have thunk it. 

She will be very much missed and remembered.   The services are on Saturday and I get on a plane early tomorrow morning to meet my family and help make preparations in Indiana.

My week didn’t get much better after this, when a relative passes away it really puts a damper on everything else that you do. 

I have a test next week in my Accounting class and have been studying off and on this week.  I had class last night and we reviewed for the test.  I left class last night in an unfavorable mood.  This test is going to be a lot harder than I was banking on.  Then I drifted into my doubts.  “Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life?”  “If I don’t go into Accounting then what am I going to do?”  “Can I be a bum all my life?”  A pity party at it’s finest. 

I woke up this morning and felt a little better about things but not great.  Still having those doubts.  I hope I make my mind up soon.

I hope everyone out there is having a better week then I am and has a great weekend!




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