Weekends To Cherish

I cherish my weekends with T.  They are so wonderful and the best part of my week! This past weekend was no exception.  T is a wonderful cook and he had this awesome meal waiting for me when I got into Durham Friday evening.

Parmesan grits and italian sausage with peppers, onions, and garlic…Yum!

The grits were to die for! T is particular about what grits he eats and doesn’t care for the Quaker grits you get from the supermarket.  He went to a specialty store to find these grits.

Saturday Morning I arose to bagels with cream cheese and smoked salmon.  Yeah girls he’s all mine, so back off!

T really knows the path to a girl’s heart, a.k.a. her stomach!

After letting our food settle and watching the pre-game show on ESPN I got this bright idea that we needed to go for a run! I use to be very fit and in shape but then I went to college and that all came crashing down.  So here I am two years out of college and trying to get back into my old fit self. 

We decided to go running through Duke campus.  The start of our run went really well, I had my music going, I was in my groove  but then reality struck.  And all those years of sitting on my butt doing nothing came crashing down on me like a ton of bricks.  I hit what runners like to call “the/a wall”.  Except I think you use this term when you have been running for a very long time, my experience with the “hitting the wall” was within running less than a mile.  Yep, pretty pathetic.  Poor T had to stop with me and we would walk and then run again, and then walk.  It was a smorgasbord of ugliness.  On a high note the campus was buzzing with people tailgating before the Duke v. FSU game and it was really entertaining seeing everyone set up their tailgate’s!

Somehow we made it back to T’s apartment and I sat in the recliner like a bum for an hour or so trying to breathe life back into my lungs. 

Once my body stopped hating me I got up and started baking!  Any solution to a easy hard freaking run is to bake!…Right?

Anyhow for weeks now I have been wanting to make mini pumpkin muffins and since last week got away from me too quickly I just decided to make them this weekend at T’s apartment.

Uh so the recipe I used wasn’t quite homemade but I am not afraid of making something from a box.  And how can that marshmellony guy on the front do you wrong?!  Seriously look how happy he is!

On with the baking!

Get your little ingredients out and ready to go.

Mix a whooping 4 ingredients together.

Stir it a couple hundred times until you have something that looks like this.

Fill up your muffin cups!

Pop them in the oven and enjoy the beautiful aroma of pumpkin filling your kitchen!  I wish this blog had a scratch and sniff button so I could bottle it up this wonderful smell and share it with you all.

Umm warm yummy pumpkin muffins!

Side shot of those bad boys.  I got the mini muffin cups from Sur La Table on sale for $3.00.  Heck yes!

After making a mess of the kitchen with my baking T stepped in and started making his fried oysters.  He grows his own oysters down at his river house and will occasionally shuck a few of them and eats them.

I have personally never tried an oyster and have promised time after time that I would try one, well that time was Saturday.  I finally got up the nerve to try one.  They weren’t bad, it was like eating a crunchy snail, if that’s what crunchy snails taste like.  I personally don’t know I have never tried one.

The rest of the weekend consisted of recovering from my run, laundry, cleaning, college football, and hanging out with T’s friends.

We weren’t able to run on Sunday because we both woke up feeling under the weather, so instead of hitting the pavement we hit up the grocery store for some medicine. 

That about wraps up the weekend, can’t wait for next weekend and our adventures to a pumpkin patch and some fall weather!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a wonderful week!




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