A Wall To Fill

This lil project has been on my to-do list for a very long time, like ever since we moved into the new apartment long. 

Here is the said empty space that must be filled in my bedroom:

It’s tucked between my giant dresser and a window and it just looks lonely over in that corner.  So I decided to dress it up a little bit, give it a little pizzaz!  (I always think of jazz hands when I say that word.)

I am really crushing on the collage theme and thought it would go well in this space.   Soooo….in an effort to not put more holes in my walls as were needed I used this little trick I found over at Young House Love.com.  They are some crafty people over there.  I measured my pictures and then cut out the sizes with old newspapers.  Then I simply hung the newspaper on the wall to give me an idea where I wanted to hang each photo and how it would look.


Once I made up my mind where the pictures would hang I just took down the taped newspaper and hung a picture in its place.

Once I finished switching out the newspaper for the pictures this is what it looked like.

BOOM!!  I think it makes this once empty space pop!  Is that “C” picture on the bottom crocked?  It was giving me trouble, it’s a little right heavy. 

Well there you have it folks a  quick, easy and classy way to dress up an empty space!


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