Virginia State Fair and The Band Perry

Sunday was the last day of the VA State Fair and I made it just in the nick of time to see it before it left.  And when I mean in the nick of time im not kidding.  The fair was 30 minutes north of Richmond and trying to park was a nightmare.  I was meeting friends there and we were going to catch the The Band Perry concert coming on later that evening. Already had a late start out of Richmond, then an accident on the interstate plus traffic getting into the fair I thought I was really really late.  So once I parked I just started running.   The fair was about a mile from where I parked but I didn’t care I didn’t want to hold up my friends more then I had to.  Yeah I got a few odd looks but I didn’t care.  I finally got there and in plenty of time.  After that run I was a hungry and we were fortuanetly able to grab a bite before the show. 

Sorry the lack of picture quality, I only had my iphone on me and thats what I had to use to take pictures.

Meredith, Carter and Caitlin waiting for the concert to start.

After we were done listening to all we wanted to hear at the concert we ventured back into the main part of the fair and the girls went on some rides.  I on the other hand opted to just watch instead of ride any of the rides.  When I was 5 I was fearless, I could ride those rides no problem but now I am 25 and I am terrified.  That and I watch to much news. 

All in all it was a great trip to the fair!  I got to do the two things I love to do at the fair, eat a funnel cake and people watch.  There were some true characters at these events.


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