Falling in Love with Fall!

Happy Fall Y’all!

I just love this time of year when the weather gets cool and the leaves change colors and fall from the trees.  Those are good indicators to plant your mums and whip out the pumpkins!  I can already smell the fresh pumpkin bread, Yum!  I haven’t gone full fall tilt yet but after this weekend I plan to be.  I already have my mums and pumpkins outside the front door and I just discovered this decoration on Pinterest.


So easy to do and very inexpensive.


I already had the vases with the curly willow in it and then I just added the mini pumpkins in with it and voila!  And the pumpkins can be used into November as well because they are Thanksgiving-y. 


I got my mini pumpkins at Lowes 5 for $4.00ish.  I filled each vase with 4 to 5 pumpkins each.  Easy peezy and it took 5 seconds to fill each vase and then I spent a good 10 minutes looking/drooling at them.  They are so pretty!  

I love curly willow and was able to get some from a friend of mine.  But you can usually find curly willow in your local supermarket or florist this time of year.

And you may be asking yourself, “is that girls walls really purple?”  and the answer is yes.  No, I didn’t paint them purple just for Halloween and no the choise of color was not my doing.  It was painted that color by the previous tenants before I moved in.  But I have to say that the paint color looks really good with the curly willow and pumpkins in the vase.  It definitely screams fall!

Happy Fall!


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