Easy Peasy Framed Bulletin Board

Hi Folks!

I have a lil’ DIY project that I made way back when and I wanted to share it with you fine people!

Sorry for all the clutter on the bulletin board but I think all the stuff on it adds character to it!

Ok, what you will need is as follows!

1.) An empty frame, (size and color of your choice).

2.) Cork board

3.) Fabric of your liking (size of fabric depends on how big your frame is).

4.) Scissors

5.) Tacks or a staple gun.

So you want to first measure out your cork board to be able to fit into your frame.  You can either take a pair of scissors or an exact-o knife to cut the cork.  Once you have done this then it will be easy to measure how much fabric you are going to need.  Make sure when you are measuring your fabric that you measure enough extra fabric so that it can be attached to back of the cork board.  Once the fabric is cut then place your cork board inside your fabric and staple gun it or tack it on.  Then once that is done you want to take your fabric cork board and put it inside of your frame.  You once again want to secure your fabric cork board to the frame using either a staple gun or tacks.  Then flip it over and Voila!

There you have it a beautiful cork board for all your stuff to hang on. 

Coming up real soon I will show you all how I made this fabric headboard.

I have an obsession with fabric, can’t you tell!

Later Gators!


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