Rudy, Rudy, Rudy, Rudy…..

My sweetheart and I had a wonderful time together in Durham, NC this past weekend.  Weekends in the fall are usually pretty routine because I know exactly what I will be doing, watching college football.  So if there is any errands that need to be run on Saturday they have to wait until after my games are over or before the games start.  This weekend we got lucky and the games didn’t start until later so T and I ventured over to the wonderful store called Trader Joes.  T has never been to Trader Joes and it was high time that he went. 

When we got there I don’t think T knew what to do.  He said that he didn’t need anything so I just encouraged him to go roaming up and down the aisles and see everything they have to offer.  He was really skeptical for a while but then he started reading the backs of labels and going up and down the aisles more and more.  When I had finished my shopping I went looking for him, there he was in the pasta aisle looking at the back label reading the ingredients.  I asked him what he had found and he over joyingly responded with “Look what I found, mini tortellini for….”. Sorry I don’t remember the exact price, maybe $1 something or $2 something.  T was ecstatic and grabbed three bags.  This encouraged me to take him up and down the aisles a little more and he found more and more stuff. 

After checking out we got back into the car and he announced that he was not going to be shopping anywhere else but there ever again.  The trip was a success!  When we got home T researched the Trader Joe’s because he was still a little sceptical, “whats the catch?” he kept saying.  To which his research led him to the fact that there is no catch. 

I am not going to spill out facts on the Trader Joe’s history and company motive, even though I think it’s a pretty dang good one, but if you would like to check it out here’s the link:’s

On Sunday T finally saw the movie “Rudy”.  I can’t believe it has taken him this long to see this movie but not to fret he has now officially seen it.  His overall opinion was two thumbs up and I cried at the end, like usual. 

”]Cover of "Rudy (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]"

If you haven’t seen this wonderful movie I recommend you rent it and watch it.  I know coming from a Notre Dame fan it’s hard to take my word for it when it’s about Notre Dame football but it really is a heartwarming film that is inspiring to ALL football fans.

Since we are on the subject of Notre Dame football I need to give a shout out to my boys in the navy and gold.  Good job this weekend boys, y’all played a heck of a game and this win was long over due!


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