Very Richmond

I have had the pleasure to live in Richmond, VA for two years now and I have to say there is something truly unique about this place.  There are three types of people who live in Richmond; Richmonders (a.k.a. people who are born and raised here and never left), people from the north and people from the deep south.  Some how everyone gets a long amicably.  There are a few things that I found out about Richmond while living here that I found both shocking and wonderful.

1.) People from the North and the South Together in Harmony:

I find it wonderful that people from both the north and south somehow end up living together in this wonderful city.  Everyone’s story of how they end up here is different but we all co-mingle very well.  I personally have never met someone who lived in New England and then to come here and be surrounded was quite a shock.  A good shock but a shock none the less.  Virginia, being right under the Mason Dixon Line attracts people from larger cities for a simple, charming southern way of life.

Extent of the original Mason-Dixon line. Mason...
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2. Don’t you dare tell a Virginian they aren’t southern!:

When I first told my mother that I was thinking about moving to Virginia, one of the first pieces of advise she gave me was, “Don’t tell someone from Virginia that they aren’t southern.”  Boy was she right!  As you can see in the above picture Virginia is clearly under the Mason Dixon Line and absolutely positively southern!  Also the history and heritage in Richmond is amazing.  There is so much history here, so much of our U.S. history events happened in Virginia.  Richmond is a southern state through and through.

3. Virginian’s Love University of Alabama…say what?!

I was shocked to find out the number of students that are from Richmond that attend the University of Alabama.  They love Alabama! Some go to Auburn but the majority go to University of Alabama. I asked around why it is this way I but couldn’t really get a straight answer.  I have gotten use to the fact that about half of the people I have met in Richmond either went to University of Alabama, have relatives that live in Alabama, or are Alabama football fans.  The Alabama roots run deep here!  Roll Tide!

University of Alabama
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4. Bean Bags:

Y’all know what a bean bag is but I am not talking about that retro chair filled with tiny little beads in it, I am talking about L.L. Bean bags, a.k.a. Bean Bags!  Richmonders love them some bean bags and I have never heard this term before until I moved to good ol Richmond.  You know the bags that are canvas and are open at the top and have two big handles.  They come in every color under the sun and can be monogrammed out the wazoo!

If y’all need a visual description here is the link to the bean bags on L.L. Bean’s website:

5. Pocket Books:

What the flip is a pocket-book?  That is what I was asking myself when I first heard these two words together.   A pocket-book and a term that ladies and gents a like in Richmond like to refer to as a “purse”.  In the deep south we just call that a purse or a Wal-Mart sack if your real cheap, but never have I heard anyone call it a pocket-book. 

6. Ham Sandwiches:

Ham sandwiches are a tradition in Virginia and they are delicious!  Smithfield ham on little slider buns with swiss cheese and top it off with some yellow mustard!  And then pop them in the oven or toaster and toasted to perfection.  Oh yummy!  It’s making me hungry just thinking about them. If you haven’t tried these sweet lil gems I recommend you do it pronto!


I was really shocked to find out that Richmond is home to one of the Nascar racing tracks.  I couldn’t believe that this sport is liked among the individuals in this town.  I just figured it was a deep south thing and I was escaping the hysteria by moving to Richmond.  Oh no…there are fans here just like there are in the deep south. 

8. Horse Racing and equestrian Things in General:

Richmond and Virginia have a deep history with horse racing and equestrian sports. There a few horse races in Virginia and it is supposedly a lot of fun to go.  Fox hunting is a big sport in Virginia as well but I have never really ventured into that yet.  My love for horses has grown since I have been here and I hope to one day learn how to ride a horse and possibly own horses.

Thoroughbred racing at Churchill Downs.
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9. Richmond Loves Themselves a Festival or Two or Three…..:

Greek Festival

Shamrock Festival

Strawberry Festival

Armenian Food Festival

Pumpkin Festival

Harvest Bluegrass Festival

Go Green Garden Festival

I could go on for days but I think y’all get the point.  The festivals in this town are over flowing. I love it!  There is a sence of community and involvement in this town which I found amazing. 

10. Everybody Knows Everybody:

I kid you not my peeps this town is one big spider web weave.  Everybody knows everybody!  Yeah there are your fair share of people who moved here from other states but once you have entered the weave that’s so-called Richmond, everyone you meet will know the last person you just met.  It’s sometimes eerie when I run into a situation like this.  It’s happened so many times to me it kind of freaks me out.  But it’s cool in other ways, its like living in a small community that’s actually in a big city.


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