A Pinterest Project


*So here it is Wed. and I am now just posting this post from Tuesday.  I need to quit putting the blog on the back burner.  My sincere apologies to you all.*

I am busier then ever with work, a class that seems to be written in a foreign lanuage, the boyfriend, and everything else in my life.  It takes everything I have to keep my head above water but I manage to get it all done.  I am trying to get all the Pinterest DIY projects done that are on my list and they are coming along, slowly but surely.  I wanted to share with you all a project that I did last week.  You all may have remembered that I mentioned I found it here: http://www.diyideas.com/images/img_wall-artlg_ss9.jpg in a previous blog entry that I wrote. 

Well here it is!  I forgot to take a picture with it in the white frame I got at a yard sale but I think it looks pretty good.

What you will need to master this project is:

1.) Thick colored paper of your choice.

2.) Buttons

3.) Tacky Glue

I first got all my buttons out and layed them on the floor to see what colors and sizes would look best.

Then I did a trial run and layed out my buttons on the paper in the shape of my initial, C.  I wanted to see how it would look before I commited myself to it. 

Then I picked up the buttons one at a time and glued them in place. 

 I was very happy with the way it came out and the fact that I was able to free hand the letter C instead of having to search for a giant letter C. 

Tacky glue a.k.a. craft glue was the only glue I had on hand but I think any kind of craft glue would do. 


Another project that I did this week  that I didn’t get off Pinterest was to reupholster these benches.

I got these bad boys fo FREE!!! Thats right no dinero!  Thomas was going to orginally use these in his new apartment in the bar area but the bar was too high for these bar stools so he graciously handed them over to me.  There is nothing I like better then free stuff! Besides college football, hanging out with the boy, being with family…oh you know what I mean, free stuff is high up there on my favorite list!

Anywho these bar stools need a little TLC and I knew that reupulstering them would be just the thing to spruce them up.  Since I am kind of in love with fabric I already had fabric on hand and didn’t have to go get any.

Our kitchen at this moment is painted electric yellow and I am hoping to tame it down a bit with a soft yellow or a beige.  So this fabric will go well with either of these paint colors.  And its just fun looking.  I know when I get my big girl house one day I am probably going to have to use something a little more grown up but for now I want to keep it light and fun.

Some other things that I needed for this project were:

1.) Staple Gun

2.) Sissors

3.) Screwdriver

The cushions were screwed into the bench frame so I had to unscrew them to reupholster them. 

My goodness this picture makes me look like I have man arm hair.  I assure you I don’t have man arm hair.  I actully don’t have a lot of arm hair at all really.  Anyways after taking the benches apart I measured my fabric for my cushions.

 Then I began to staple gun my fabric into the bottom of the cushion.  One thing I learned the hard way, back in the day, is that you want to make sure that you leave enough fabric to bring it around the back and staple it to your cushion.  Theres nothing more frustrating then having too little fabric to staple gun it to the back of your cushion. 

Once your done securing your fabric then flip it over and you have a whole new cushion.

I think they look like totally different benches!  I haven’t ventured into sanding and staining the wood yet, one day I hope to do that.  But for now I don’t think they look all that bad.  Another thing that I need to do asap is scotch guard the fabric cushions.  This will help protect them from spills and stains.

On a different note I wanted to tell you all something funny that happened this past weekend. I went down to Durham and visited with the boy.  This is the first weekend that I got meet his “grad. school” friends and I really enjoyed getting to meet them.  We watched a lot of football Saturday afternoon.  Anyways back to the funny story.  I kind of have a guilty pleasure, I love the Twilight series.  I finished all the books in two weeks, no joke! Anyways I unfortunately told T about my love of the Twilight books mostly and of the movies some.  Well the entire weekend when the TV would pop up adds for a movie starting someone from the cast of Twilight T would yell to me from the other room, “hey your vampires are on the TV!”  I would yell back, “ok T well I am on the commode right now” or ” I am folding your laundry” and am too lazy to walk into the living room.  Literally this ad for this movie was shown at least two or three seperate times this past weekend and everytime I was not in the room with him.  But finally we were in the same room together when this movie ad came on and its Taylor Lautner and he’s riding a motorcycle.  T goes “Oh oh see theres your vampire!”  and I respond with “Well actually he’s a werewolf.”   T is just floored by my comment and rolls his eyes and goes to bed.  It was pretty funny to say the least and one of those moments that you just had to be there to see it. 

Alright kiddos im out.  I hope my next post finds yall sooner rather than later.

Lator Gators!


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