Happy Birthday Skipper!

This little girl had a birthday last week and to celebrate her birthday I took her to Petsmart for her to pick out a birthday toy.  I had good intentions of documenting this blessed event with pictures but by good intentions went out the window when I had to keep a 50 lb young lab at bay from getting into everything.  This is Skippers first time going to Petsmart and saying that she enjoyed herself is an understatement.  She throughly enjoyed herself to no end!  And I had the joy of trying to keep her from knocking everything and everyone down.  Besides that I really enjoyed taking Skipper to Petsmart and I would take her again.  I wanted her to be able to pick out her own toy but she just had such a hard time concentrating because of all the new smells.  After going up and down the toy aisle  a couple of times she finally picked out her birthday toy.

I wanted her to pick something out that was fun and different but all Skipper wanted was this jumbo tennis ball.  She is a lab through and through she loooooovvvvvveeeeeesssss tennis balls and playing fetch.  Skippers Mama sent me this picture of her yesterday with her tennis ball.  I love it and I love Skipper.  Happy Birthday Little Girl!

On a different note its college game day!!!!  So park yourself in front of the TV today and watch some college football!

Roll Tide and Go Irish!!!


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