Best Part of My Day

The best part of my day is when I get to sit down and eat my cereal and drink my coffee in peace.  It’s something I absolutely look forward every day.  But I don’t enjoy just any type of cereal I enjoy eating this cereal!

Do y’all remember when I shared this little treat with y’all in the post titled “Ummm…..Trader Joes”?  Well I am here singing its praises again.  This cereal is absolutely delicious.  I know it looks like kind of kids coral but let me tell you it’s for young adults as well who are living on their on and wish they were still at home for Mom’s home cooked meals. When I make my trips to Trader Joes I usually come out with at least two or three boxes because A. there isn’t a Trader Joes near me and B.  its just so durn good I go through it real fast.  That’s right I said durn not darn.  These bad boys not only have O’s and yogurt covered O’s they also have chunks of real strawberries, which are my favorite! 

Ohhh Strawberry O’s, how I love thee.

I also have come to the conclusion that I am bonkers over fresh strawberries.  Strawberries that have just been put out in the grocery store and are still nice and ripe!  There’s nothing better. 

What’s y’alls favorite part of the day?  What kind of food do you go bonkers for?


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