Can Y’all Hear That Sweet Sound of Music….

“Yea, Alabama! Drown’em Tide!  Every ‘Bama man’s behind you; Hit your stride!”…..

Ok so im not going to sing the whole song for you but you pretty much get the gist of whats been on my brain this week, excuse me what’s going to be starting this Saturday…the best day on earth it should be a freaking holiday…that’s right College Football!!!!

AlabamaMSU 090
Image by Diamondduste via Flickr


Of course for good measure I must sing you a little of this tune as well….

“Rally sons of Notre Dame, Sing Her Glory and Sound her fame, RAISE HER GLORY GOLD AND BLUE”…..

Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo
Image via Wikipedia


Sorry guys I got a little carried away just then.  But I have to represent my other team too, Notre Dame! 

The only flaw with Saturday is that I hope someone in this town has a working TV!  Because I sure don’t, I am still without power for goodness sakes! T is coming home this weekend and I hope his parents have cable at their house by then so we can watch it…otherwise we will have to find other means of football watching.  Keep your fingers crossed that we get cable!!!

This really is the best time of year, I can already feel the crispness in the air and that little hint of fall.  It may just be me though, wishing and hoping for fall to come.

School is back in session as well, which I am not totally pumped about but  I need to go back to school.  Have I ever told y’all I go to school part-time?  I don’t think I have, well I am taking one class a semester, right now, while working 40 hours a week and trying to get some pre-requisites under my belt to go into the Masters of Accounting program.  A.K.A. so I can become a C.P.A. It’s a slow way of going back to school but I have to work so you do what you have to do.

Alright kiddos that’s all I have to report right now. I wish I could show you some of the projects I have been wanting  to work on but I have no light so that means no project making. Hopefully the lights will come on soon and I can get rollin’ on those projects.




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