The Earth was a Shakin’, a Rattlin’, and a Rollin’

Y’all yesterday’s event was probably the scariest thing I have ever been through.  No the earthquake that hit east coast caused minimal damage but it scared the ever-living poo out of me!  I am sure the folks in Cali are laughing their heads off at us because of the big deal we made over it and “thinking we get earthquakes all the time big whoop!”  But I don’t care what anyone else says that was down right scaaaarrryyyyy!  I thought I was going to piss in my pants and I continued to have heart palpitations on till late last night. 

You want to know where I was when the quake hit. 

Well do you?! 

You do!


I was on my lunch break enjoying the nice beautiful day and reading my book.  The best part of this story is the book I was reading when the quake hit.  I was reading the editor of Self magazines new book “The Nine Rooms of Happiness”. Let me just tell you, it can’t get more ironic than that! And another thing being outside on beautiful day in the middle of a quake is not one of my nine rooms of happiness that’s for sure.  It has been a good book so far but I haven’t picked up reading it again since the quake hit. 

Ok more on the book later, back to my story.  So I was sitting there enjoying my book when I feel the ground a shakin’ and this loud noise almost like the sound of a dump trucks engine roll by.  At first I think…”this really happening or is it just me….am I having illusions?”.  I looked around at the people sitting outside nearby and they were all looking at me with that star struck look on their faces. That’s when I knew it wasn’t just me that felt it. Some people started running and others just were too stunned to move like me.  Never did it cross my mind that this freak of nature phenomenon could be an earthquake until people for the adjoining building started scrambling out of the building and looking up at the sky scrapers.  (Side note: I work in downtown Richmond surround by very tall buildings.) The buildings were actually swaying so to speak. I asked a man next to what is that?  He responded its an earthquake.  I couldn’t believe my ears!  An earthquake in Richmond, VA!  Give me a break!  I immediately grab my stuff and grab my phone and call my Mom. Out of breath because I was in utter shock and my palpitations kick in.

This is how our conversation goes:

Me: “Mom!  Mom?  Mom!  We are having an earthquake!”

Mom: “Really?!  Cool!”

Me: “No not cool, very scary!”

Mom: “Well is the ground still shaking?”

Me: “No, it only lasted for about 10 seconds.”

Mom: “Oh ok….have you prepared for the hurricane yet Colleen, you need….”

I feel like nothing fades my mother anymore.  I could call her and say my hair is on fire and she would respond very calmly “well get a fire extinguisher dummy”.  I have called my parents numerous times saying the same thing over again, im in the hospital because….”I got attacked by a squirrel”, “I got bit by a snake”, or “I cut my thumb open to the bone”….and that all happen in college.  (FYI…all of this is true, I did have to go to the hospital for being attacked by a squirrel, getting bit by a snake, and cutting my thumb open to the bone.) 

Anywho, my Dad emailed me after the fact and sounded a little more concerned and asked if I was ok.  Which I responded with a yes and relayed the whole dramatic episode.  I have to live it up while I can, earthquakes don’t happen everyday. 

Now as if one natural disaster wasn’t big enough for one week we have hurricane Irene heading in our direction…Awesome! 

Now I just have to remember everything my Mom told me to get while  people are coming out of every building in downtown and just experienced the largest quake Richmond, VA has ever felt since 1897.  Yeah that’s right folks, witnessed history in the making yesterday.


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