So Much To Blog About And Not Enough Time To Do It In!

Hey Kiddos!

I have soooooooooooo much to share with you all and I always seem to get distracted with Pinterest.  Do any of you use Pinterest?  Well if you do then you are probably as addicted to it as I am.  If you’re not on Pinterest then I recommend you sign up immediately!  The gist of the site is you pin (like to pin on a pin board) your favorite pictures into your own categories.  It doesn’t sound very interesting but let me tell you it is!  It so addicting and I am on Pinterest all the time!

Ok moving on.  My sweetheart is moving to Duke on Friday.

I am sad to say the least and so is he.  Summer was definitely great but unfortunately has to end.  I will be helping him move his stuff into his new place this weekend.


Again on other news. I went and saw the movie “The Help” and it was fantastic! If you haven’t read the book yet I recommend you read it first and then go see the movie.  The movie definitely didn’t disappoint, it was really good.  I am going to see it again on Thursday and I am real excited about going again. If you haven’t seen “The Help” yet go see it, it’s definitely worth the $10 per ticket!

I also would like to announce that it is approximately 19 days away from opening Saturday of College Football and I am ecstatic!!! I can not wait!


 I will definitely be rocking this jersey and hopefully my Alabama jersey will come in before the season opener!

Ok I have few DIY projects that I want to show you all.

Here is a little something I did over the weekend.

Chalkboard picture frame.

You are going to need:

1.) A picture frame of any size of your choice.

2.) Chalkboard Paint

3.) A craftbrush

You want to first take the glass out of the frame and put it on some newspaper.

You want to then begin painting the glass.  I gave mine about three good coats of paint and let each coat dry first before adding another coat.

Then after it is all dry, Voila!

It took me no time at all to make this easy chalkboard frame and it was relatively cheap too!  I had the frame at home, the chalk board paint cost $5 for a little can, the paint brush was less than a dollar and the chalk (12 big pieces) was a dollar at the dollar general!

Another easy craft I found on Pinterest this weekend was this!

I have lots of ribbons and raffia that I use and this is a very easy way to keep it all neat!

You just put the ribbons through the small holes on the sides of the baskets and it keeps the ribbon organized and easy to access.  I bought this basket at Wal-Mart for like $2.00.  It’s a great idea and it definitely keeps all of my ribbon organized!

All right folks that’s all I have for you right now but I will be back soon with some more great stuff!

Later Alligators!


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